BNI Education Moment - June 11, 2020

"I will display a positive and supportive attitude with BNI members"

Do you ever find that difficult to accomplish? Not just with BNI members but with people in general? In the midst of these crazy times where business may be scarce, difficult or just plain nonexistent, let alone global health crisis and national civil unrest there is a lot to upset about.

How do you handle that? With clients, friends or family? Do you tend to stoke the fire of discontentment and share your two cents or do you seek to diffuse the situation, turn the conversation and focus on the good.

In episode 650 of the official BNI podcast Ivan is talking about the attitude of gratitude and the effect it has on you and others. In the middle of this episode he makes this really great statement.

"...the easy thing is to notice what's wrong, what don't like, what annoys you or problems that you face. What I've learned over the years is that if you focus on problems you become a world-class expert of problems and it's hard to show gratitude when you're obsessed with the problems around you.

However, if you focus on solutions you can become a world-class expert at solving those problems and this process begins by recognizing what's around this. From that starting point we can be grateful..."

With that, I would have you consider how you can display a positive and supportive attitude today.

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