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It has been an absolute blast working with Jimmy's Plumbing & Repair to tell their story! I have been working on a few videos to let everyone know a little more about their business.

From the source:

Jimmy’s Plumbing & Repair was started by Jimmy Martin in 1983. He worked for another local plumbing company prior to going into business for himself. His approach to plumbing was to be honest and fair to all of customers as well as to repair their plumbing issue right the first time.

Jimmy’s two sons, Charlie and Tim, grew up in the plumbing business and continue to run the family owned and operated business. Charlie heads up the service division and Tim handles the new commercial division.

Some companies use a “flat rate pricing” and want you to believe that flat rate pricing is cheaper. We hear all the stories about flat rate pricing from our new customers. At Jimmy’s Plumbing & Repair, we still charge by the 1/4 hour and we don’t pay our crew a commission for how much parts or service they sell. We will gladly beat any flat rate price. We feel we offer more value by carrying more parts & tools on our trucks.

So, once we get to your job, we have the experience, tools and parts to fix your problem. Saving you time and money by not paying a plumber to go pick up parts to fix your problem when they are probably already on our truck.

Thanks to all of the satisfied repeat customers and their referrals, our business has grown and continues to do so. We strive to provide the best service at the lowest possible cost.

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