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My lifelong battle with eczema is one of the main reasons I started this company. For me, having eczema used to mean sleepless nights, waking up to new scars, blood on my sheets, wearing long clothing to hide my skin and just being flat out self conscious and ashamed of who I was because of my eczema.  Although eczema is not curable, it is treatable and over the years I've learned that healing our bodies through the power of nature is real.

Are you sick of steroid creams, water based products  and products full of toxins? Me too! Here at Lizzie's All-natural Products, we create fresh, natural, toxin free products for your home and body. Our products are made with real, pure, simple plant based ingredients that are good for your skin from head to toe.

Our promise is to provide you with quality products that your skin will love and benefit from. We build confidence, not only do we care about your skin, we care about your soul. I believe that everyone deserves to have access to quality, affordable & natural products, that is why we are here.

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