Venture Cafe - Piedmont Renewal Network

Being a videographer (I prefer the term filmmaker) allows me some amazing opportunities and the chance to capture some truly incredible stories, especially in a city that is as interconnected as Winston. I had met Logan at Venture Cafe and was intrigued by his non-profit, Piedmont Renewal Network, that offered underprivileged kids in the community an opportunity to attend college for FREE. That's right FREE COLLEGE! This was no empty promise but a well thought out and verified plan to help kids get ahead and escape child poverty in the Winston-Salem area. Through another Venture Cafe meeting, Logan found a powerful local advocate in Sharon Frazier who is the parent, family and community organizer for the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School System.

We all have dreams and goals for our lives. Sometimes those aspirations seem to be blocked at every turn and we throw our hands up and think, "Can I just get a break!?" Despite challenges when we keep soldering on we often hit a milestone or a breakthrough that made a sweet payoff for the days, months or even years of daily grind. This is a story about one such breakthrough that was facilitated by one of the most amazing organizations in Winston-Salem, Venture Cafe.

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