My life

has been
totally steeped
in art and creativity
since birth and I love it.

I was born in raised in California with two siblings in a house my parents designed, built, and live in to this day. My dad is an architect and oil painter and my mom is a domestic engineer. My parents were faithful to teach us the truth from the Bible about who made the world, why we are here, and what happens when we die.

I married my college sweetheart in 2011 and moved to North Carolina in 2013 where we daily train our own three children about the amazing grace of God, the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins, and the world He made and sustains.

I strive to produce both still and moving images that convey the beauty and intrigue of the world God has made and the individuals He has placed in it.

Micah Brown Media is a an award-winning, turn-key media production and consulting company.  The services we primarily offer are custom video, photo, live event, Audio/Visual, and/or live streaming production, media consultation, small scale audio/visual installation, drone photo and video services, small scale IT services, content creation, and partnership in creative ventures. 

Our clients include individuals, businesses, and organizations locally and out of state. Our company has produced a variety of projects with an even greater array of individuals, businesses, and organizations including the NCDOT, the Mayor of Winston-Salem, Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce, the Winston-Salem Dash, the Winston-Salem Police Department, Venture Café, the Police Chief of Winston-Salem, municipalities an architectural firm, furniture craftsman, law firm, coworking space, wealth management groups, multiple independent sales reps, financial planners, entrepreneurs, advertising agencies, manufacturing companies, high-end interior designers, and advocacy groups. We work closely with other media personnel that have produced stop-motion animation, motion graphics, safety training videos, website design, and podcast production.

As we grow, we seek to increase the number of retainer clients with which we can produce monthly fresh content, aiding our ability to maintain the industry standard gear to produce the highest quality product possible for our clients. 

The companies that work with us know that we are dedicated individuals that go above and beyond every time.  As Micah seeks to provide quality content and expert advice for individuals and companies, others know he is a dedicated individual that goes above and beyond every time as he seeks to provide quality content and sound advice to all. 

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