The Getty Center | Richard Meier

Los Angeles, where art and architecture meet

The Getty Center is perched on a mountain overlooking the Los Angeles valley. The only way up is via a tram that deposits you on a landing platform that seems far from reality. A modern and minimal yet ancient and complex compound covers the mountain top. Home to some of the most prized pieces of art, not only in the US but in the world. The first time I went to the Getty was a mandatory visit as part of my first photography class. I remember the anticipation building as we rose higher and higher above the 405. Stepping out of that train car was like stepping into another planet. Surrounded by nothing but sky met with buildings that have a futuristic flair with an old world style. Something similar to the experience of the Time Traveler I am sure upon discovering the distant future. Such modernity coupled with ancient technique.

The Getty Center is mind-blowing

Walking up the giant flight of steps to the main pavilion takes the already heightened anticipation of "Hey, what's over there?" and dials it up to 11 which left me with a single thought, "The Getty Center is mind-blowing." To this day I have never had an experience like this again. The design and architecture of this fortress dedicated to the preservation and access of art for the public is unlike anything else.

Beverly Hills isn't all about fame and fortune

This area of Los Angeles is very near to Beverly Hills, the small area known in our culture as the home of all the major Hollywood players. However, Beverly Hills ins't all about fame and fortune. There is culture here. Art, architecture and design are everywhere. Sometimes you have to look for them and sometimes they are obvious. Don't let location stop you from finding the amazing that is surrounding you every day.

The nerdy details

The Getty Center
Richard Meier
100,000 sf

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