Up close and personal with the indiegogo crowdfunded portable battery project!

From the source:

Founded in 2016, HIMCEN Battery, Inc., (Apex, NC) specializes in Li-ion battery pack solutions. HIMCEN designs and manufactures Portable Power Stations, and customizable battery pack solutions. HIMCEN provides the world’s lightest, most powerful, and safest Portable Power Stations solutions with its patented battery PACK/BMS Technology.

Overcoming the problems of conventional power generators, HIMCEN uses premier Li-ion battery cells to bring you the safest and most reliable power source, whenever, wherever.

HIMCEN is the only provider in the power station industry with complete design and production capabilities, allowing us to custom-design products to meet our clients’ unique power demands.

Our products promote a more sustainable environment, provide emergency power sources during power outages, and take your power outdoors. Our lighter and more powerful Portable Power Stations models can go anywhere and are rechargeable by AC, Solar Power, and your Car Charger.

HIMCEN was formed on three principles: SAFETY, EFFICIENCY, & SCALABILITY. We call it our SES Model. As experts in the Li-ion battery industry, we set out to create HIMCEN Battery with those three things in mind.

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