When an All-American company needed an All-American video for the main page of their website, we answered the call!

Client Request 
Produce one (1) landing page/overview style video, approximately 60-90 seconds in length. I want the video to romance the idea of buying American made products...the benefits/key elements of our program will be featured in the landing page not in the video. The video is intended to be artistic, creative and motivational for the consumer to shop the directory. We want potential partners to be inspired and to have the desire to become a partner after viewing the video.

Our video could use any of the following lines, concepts or similar concepts (subject to approval) shown as a graphic with the voice-over supporting them.

“Join the Movement”

“Buy American Made Products”

“Our Partners have pledged to produce their products in the U.S.A. and not ship their factories or jobs overseas.”

“ American Companies Grow Their Business”

“Where America Shops”

I would like to see images of American people possibly mixed in between each statement along with notable national landmarks and landscapes. Such as but not limited to: cowboy, baseball player, cheerleader, marching band, fisherman, kids eating ice cream, children skipping rope, young man and woman holding hands walking into the sunset, high school football player, kids playing youth soccer, woman sitting at an easel painting a picture of flowers. All imagery should convey the spirit of "Hometown" USA.

Completed Project

We were able to craft the client’s vision to a tee utilizing entirely stock video footage. As a testament to the efficiency of our company, we were able to move this project from our first interaction with the client to project completion in less than 8 weeks! 

Compiled Reactions

To say the owner was overly pleased with the end result is a vast understatement. Being able to so closely deliver on his vision compelled hundreds of companies to join this ever-growing registry of 100% American made companies.

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