WS Rescue Mission


Winston-Salem Rescue Mission has been serving the Winston-Salem community for decades. They have consistently helped men find freedom from addicition by focusing on the fact that freedom from addiction is not an individuals greatest need. They practically help each individual by providing an environment in which they can thrive and rebuild their lives, they ultimately desire to see men embrace Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior as freedom in Christ is the only thing that will give them freedom that will last longer than this mortal life.

Client Request

Winston-Salem Rescue Mission was looking to build awareness and provide clarity to the community around them about the services they offer and help they provide. This was driven by a realization that there was a wide misunderstanding of what the organization is and does. Some in the community believed it to be a homeless shelter, food pantry or just a thrift shop. Although, the Mission does provide housing for it's program residents, they do provide food to the community and they also operate a thrift shop, the proceeds of which go to supporting the Mission. However, all of those things are downstream from the reason the Mission exists which is to help men who are in the throws of addiction find peace and ultimate freedom from their addictions.


The greatest challenges in this production came not for the day in the life video, but for some subsequent testimonial videos that were produced on the same day. The environment in which we had to film the testimonials in was a very small space. We over came this challenge by maximizing our space by using wider focal length lenses to see more of the room and provide space for the testimony to be presented in.

Crafting the Project

The overwhelming majority of this video was filmed using an Easyrig which provides greater stability than filming handheld and more flexibility than a tripod at the cost of not being as stable as a tool like the Steadicam. We were filming on multiple floors in several different rooms and a wide array of lighting scenarios. Having many years of experience in managing these different environments is the key to overcoming these challenges on the fly and still being able to provide a quality finished product.

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